Elephants can play football / Novella

40-yr-old Dmitry is a successful manager of a large company. His life is ideally organized and divided up into exact time slots. He’s got his daily routine down to a tee. There’s no place in Dmitry’s world for unplanned events, actions or emotions. Everything changes when he meets 16-yr-old Masha, the daughter of his old friend.

The film “Elephants Can Play Football” walks a dangerous line, playing with and disconcerting the viewer. We’re not able to get into the mind of the main character. But here, in the book, the closed door is open and we can find ourselves inside. To perceive and describe a hero of our own time is an immensely difficult thing to do. Mikhail Segal has dared to try and the result is something tremendously interesting.

Anton Dolin, film critic

“The most unusual story about the nature of love”.

Andrei Gelasimov, writer

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